Developmental Programs

Developmental Classes

Our recreational gymnastics program offers levels for the first timer all the way up to the more advanced gymnast. Classes are offered for boys and girls.


Ages 5-6 years
60 min. class

This class is for beginners to kids that have had some gymnastics experience. At this age their listening skills and attention spans should make it possible to advance their skill level.  


Ages 5-6 years
Girls advanced
Invitation Only
90 min. class

1.5 hours in length, this class is for the advance 5-6-7 year olds.  This is the first level where the students get full 15 minute rotations on all of the events. This class is the training ground for Comets and Pre-Team.


Ages 5-7 years
Girls advanced
Invitation Only
90 min. class 2x/week

This is a hand selected group of 5-6-7 years olds that show potential and that have expressed a desire to increase the intensity of training. Comets train 2 times per week at 1.5 hours each.  Their training includes 15-minute rotations on all the events including trampoline.  Emphasis here is to establish a strong base of fundamental gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility on which we can build more advanced skills later down the line.  


This is our true age group program designed for our recreational students between the ages of 7 and 18.  The idea behind the program is to divide these students into age groups:

  • FLIPSTARS – (7-9 year old girls)
  • FUNSTARS – (10-12 year old girls)
  • TEENSTARS – (13+ year old girls)
  • STAR BOYS 1- (4-7 year old boys)
  • STAR BOYS 2- (8+ year old boys)

Within the structure of these classes the students strive to master individual elements of the USAG Pre level 1 through 4 developmental system.  Students are taught at individual speeds as they earn achievement ribbons and certificates on each of the 4 Olympic events, Trampoline, Strength and Flexibility.  The benefit of an age group program as apposed to a skill group program is that students are progressed on each of the events as they become ready…instead of having to pass all skills on all events before being advanced.  Our program allows for a student to excel and be challenged in an area of strength while they spend a bit more time mastering weak areas.